Company Profile


China Lesso Group Holdings Limited (Stock Name: China Lesso, Stock Code: 02128.HK) is a large industrial group of home furnishings and building materials in China. China Lesso’s business portfolio spans plastic piping, building materials and home furnishings, environmental protection, supply-chain service platforms and the photovoltaic sector. It offers products such as pipes, photovoltaics, plumbing and sanitary ware, integral kitchen materials, integral doors and windows, aluminum formwork and smart scaffolds, water purifiers, water-proofing materials and sealants, fire-fighting equipment, valves, cables, lighting, hygiene materials, items for environmental protection, agricultural facilities, and oceanic aquaculture cages. The sales revenue had broken through 4.9 billion USD in 2021.

With the rapid development of internationalization and globalization, China Lesso boasts more than 30 advanced production bases distributed in 18 provinces across China, and in some foreign countries. China Lesso remains committed to improving its strategic layout, broadening its sales network and expanding the market. This is how it provides products and services for customers in a timely and efficient way.

China Lesso has established its R&D center with more than 1,000 scientific researchers. The Group now possesses twenty-eight national high-tech enterprises, one national accredited enterprise technology center, two post-doctoral workstations, five China national accredited laboratories authorized by CNAS, one key enterprise laboratory of plastics molding and processing technology in Guangdong Province, and one union of Technical Innovation of Plastic Pipe Industry in Guangdong Province.

China Lesso owns over 2200 patents (some of them are pending). Some of Lesso’s scientific achievements are included in National Torch Plan Projects, National Key New Product, Scientific Achievements Promotion Projects in National Construction Industry and Government Green Procurement List. The Group has been awarded many honorary titles and prizes, such as Champion Manufacturer, China Construction Independent Science Innovation Superior Enterprise, Intellectual Property Right Preponderant Enterprise, Industrialization Demonstration Base, Outstanding Patent Owner in China, Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Prize, and the First Prize of Scientific Technological Progress in Guangdong Province, and the First Prize of Scientific Technological Progress of China Light Industry Association.

As a domestic manufacturer of extensive home furnishings and building materials, China Lesso provides over 10,000 varieties of products with all specifications. Its products are being widely used in many areas, including home decoration, civil construction, municipal water supply, drainage, power supply and telecommunications, gas supply, fire-fighting, environmental protection, agriculture, oceanic aquaculture, and photovoltaic power generation.

True to its slogan of “Envisioning the Better, Building the Future”, China Lesso will honor its promise of creating a healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable environment. The Group remains committed to improvements in urban construction to create better places to live. With concerted efforts from various sectors, Lesso will fully play its role in building green, livable, and efficient cities so that people could enjoy health and happiness anytime and anywhere in their city life.